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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet Lissie

I have been listening to this little known artist for for her, she's about to come alive.
(samples at bottom of page)

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  1. JD wow thats a big area to farm. I grew up on 350acres of sheep and cattle land. Its quite intensively farmed as we have quite a tropical climate compared to some parts of the world and the grass grows well.....although this is small compared to you. I used to work on a 1000acre cattle farm when I was younger which also bred quarter horses. I teach now but am a cowgirl in my dreams and want to be a famous artist when I grow up.Oh and you would be interested in the farm my sister lives on in Australia. Arrowfield stud. It is in Scone . You can google it. Its a thoroughbred stud where Redoutes Choice stands.He is one of about ten stallions there