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Monday, March 28, 2011

Horses in Heaven

A little girl once asked me If I thought horses go to Heaven when
they die. Yes I said, with the speed of lightning and the sound
of rolling thunder.

Georgia Okeeffe

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bull Calves to Steers

This morning we turned the bull calves into steers. No
need to post those pics but by this afternoon they were
all back to playing and nursing.
Some of the cowboy's brought their boy's to work. This is Brian's
son Wyatt who told me he has a girfriend but
he's not that positive about it. Been there son, been there.
This is Wyatt's friend Jason. He says his girlfriend
is 16 years old but by the look of that grin on his face
I'm not to sure of that.
Wyatt and Jason took off looking for adventure while
their dad's worked the cattle

Pee Wee barrel racer, Pinedale WY

As fresh as it gets

Saturday, March 5, 2011


A current photo of the colt that was born January 15th
As you can see he's filled out nicely and is a real handful.
I like that Texas shaped star.

Colt foaled March 5, 2011

This big colt arrved at 1:15 this morning. Mom and foal
are doing well.

The Connection

Horses don't come into our lives accidentally, but
with a purpose. Sometimes their intention is obvious
and sometimes it is so subtle that it takes decades
to unravel the meaning. Horses are so deeply connected
to the inside of humans that they can and will unearth emotions 
we so desperately try to hide from.
Katriina Alongi - Equine Insanity

Four Types of Labs

It's summertime