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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Connection

Horses don't come into our lives accidentally, but
with a purpose. Sometimes their intention is obvious
and sometimes it is so subtle that it takes decades
to unravel the meaning. Horses are so deeply connected
to the inside of humans that they can and will unearth emotions 
we so desperately try to hide from.
Katriina Alongi - Equine Insanity


  1. that is one cute picture and I love the labs. My big 15month old chocolate lab is super crazy so looks like the bottom 2 photos rolled into one

  2. I agree with this. Good post. Thanks for following my blog. I love new friends.
    Miss Tee

  3. I love this picture Badger..It is really cute..and the quote too..Have you seen the film 'Equus' with Richard Burton? I'm a great film lover and the quote made me think about it..A very strong and hard film...Danielle