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Thursday, December 9, 2010

First born calf.

Born at dawn, this bull calf is about 8 hours old and is the 
 first of many more to come this winter. I didn't have much time
to take this pic as mom was just behind me and I was in no
mood to go airborn. Three other calves were also born today.
This is also the time of year when coyotes will be out on
night patrol, sometimes even in broad daylight. They are  
so cunning that they will sneek up on a mother and calf then
slowly try to lure the calf away by pretending it wants to play.
But most of the time it's an attack by many under the cover
of darkness.
I'm not a light sleeper but the sound of a coyote war party in
the middle of the night never fails to wake me.


  1. Oh boy I had a good laugh at your previous post....I just know My chocolate lab would be the one super pleased to see me .....not my husband for sure.
    Cute calf .....hope the wildlife stay well away!